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Sandhills Educational Services Cooperative

323 North 7th Avenue

BrokenBow, NE 68822


308-872-5741 (fax)




The Sandhills Educational Services Cooperative (SESC) was formed in 1974 to provide special education services to school districts in Custer and Blaine counties. Currently, the following school districts are members of the SESC: Anselmo-Merna Public Schools, Ansley Public Schools,Broken Bow Public Schools,Callaway Public Schools, and Sandhills Public Schools. An Advisory Board comprised of member district Superintendents meet to discuss programs, policies and related topics.




It is the desire of the Sandhills Educational Services Cooperative staff to continue to provide the leadership and support services network vitally necessary to assist students of all ages to meet their individual educational needs. Meeting each student's needs is accomplished by providing an appropriate and efficient referral system, comprehensive evaluations resulting in accurate and reliable identification information, and a comprehensive curriculum to enhance social, emotional and academic growth and success. Sandhills Educational staff strives to meet the needs of children with disabilities in an inclusive environment with their peers, which requires the least amount of change in their school day, and still provides them with success.




The Sandhills Educational Services provides a wide range of special education services for children with disabilities from birth to age 21. These may include informal consultation with parents or teachers regarding concerns they have about their child's development; referral and evaluation services to determine if the child has a disability; speech, occupational or physical therapy; centerbased preschool or homebound services; direct counseling; instruction in academic areas; and transition services to prepare students for the world of work following graduation. All services for children with verified disabilities are free of charge to parents. Staff is composed of school psychologists, speech language pathologists, resource teachers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, deaf educators, audiologists, and early childhood specialists.



A range of appropriate alternative services shall be made available to ensure that placement in a special education program is in the "least restrictive environment", appropriate to meet the student's needs, and that such special education services be comparable in quality to other general education services and programs within the student's school of residence. No special education placement can be made to remove a child from their general education program unless it is clear that the child's needs cannot be met in the general education setting.



Personally identifiable information regarding each student's disability, special needs and goals and objectives are considered strictly confidential. Therefore, such information is made available to appropriate school personnel and the student's family only. Release of this information to additional sources cannot occur without written permission from the student's natural parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s).



SESC Office: 

Erin Boldt-Reiff, School Psychologist

Erin Sexton, School Psychologist

Deb Mayor, Office Manager


SESC Early Childhood Program (birth through age 2): 

Jo Ward, Sixpence Coordinator


SESC Preschool at New Discoveries North: 

Stacie McMeen, Early Childhood Resource Teacher

Bonnie Hickman-Kamarad, Speech Language Pathologist


Broken Bow North Park Elementary: 

Angie Miller, Resource Teacher

Stephanie Potter, Resource Teacher

Nikki Altig, Resource Teacher

Katie Myer, Speech Language Pathologist


Broken Bow Custer Elementary: 

Jackie Wagner, Resource Teacher

Megan Steinkruger, Resource Teacher

Katie Custer, Speech Language Pathologist


Broken Bow Junior High: 

Lori Reynolds, Resource Teacher


Broken Bow High School:

Stephanie Meyer, Resource Teacher


Broken Bow Life Skills Room:

Tami Clay, Resource Teacher



Bobbi Kirkpatrick, Resource Teacher

Donna Downey, Resource Teacher

Cindy Coffman, Speech Language Pathologist



Shirley Kennedy Gouldie, Resource Teacher

Lee Ann Smith, Resource Teacher

Cindy Coffman, Speech Language Pathologist



Marcia Keeney, Resource Teacher

Karen Weverka, Resource Teacher

Margie Kimball, Speech Language Pathologist


For information on 

SESC Preschool Peer Model Program, please click here - 

Peer Model Program


Child’s development, please click here - Developmental Milestones


Child’s speech development, please click here – Sound Chart


Referral process, please click here - Referral Process


Sixpence Referral Information, please click here - Sixpencesixpence.htm


Early Childhood TrainingCenter, please click here – 

The Early Childhood Training Center


Assistive Technology, please click here – 

Nebraska Educational Assistive Technology (NEAT Center)


Network for children and their families, please click here – 

Nebraska Network for Children and Families


State of Nebraska, Department of Special Education

please click here – Nebraska Department of Education Special Populations


For more information, contact SESC office. (308) 872-5606

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Broken Bow Public Schools 323 No. 7th Ave. Broken Bow, NE  68822

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Junior High 308-872-6441 Custer 308-872-2503

North Park 308-872-2982 Sandhills Coop 308-872-5606

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